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Time to lighten up

No-one has said this to me, but paxtonvic has been giving plague, H1N1,  statistics of gloom and frozen fish fingers  a bit of an airing lately – so its time to lighten up.

I mean, in the good old days of  Harold Wilson, bronco toilet paper and trolly buses in Boscombe, I reckon there were only a few types of light bulb – but now its all so complicated!

Energy-Saving-lamps-preview_1 For  starters – which one do you go for? Which shape do you like best? Which will fit your fitment? I think the second one looks like an ice-cream.

energy bulbs 2

Now, Halogen bulbs – they are a challenge. They come in all sizes – but if you are trying to find the one you need in B and Q  ’tis a nightmare!

energy 4 Now they look pretty – but definately something to stay clear of it you ask me

energy 3 Incandescent – that sounds soooo exotic – and yes they are very pleasing to the eye. But when might we need them??? Maybe if we are feeling like an incandescent evening in with the TV or a racy PCC meeting ( if such a thing exists?)

I dont know – far too much choice I say – like printer cartridges. Why not just make a few and stick to that?

At Great Paxton we have a mega problem with our light bulbs because we cant now get the ugly fittings off to change a bulb and soon we shall be cast into outer darkness. Th folklore says that English Heritage approved them being inserted into the fabric many moons ago – few like them but we still havent got our act together to change them.

Bishop David - GP church If one was pushed forward, they might all go boing……

Seriously though church lightening now can be a pain not least when changing bulbs and reaching high places safely. I dont think out medieval ancestors were thinking of high rise fitments ( fittments?) when they designed their roofs. Bring back candle light I say – though I guess its a Health and Safety risk!!!

Hope Ive cheered you all up with my light bulb blog… and…. how many Anglicans does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer…… CHANGE! Who said anything about change????

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