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Shall be mighty glad ( as Im sure we all will be) when we can forget about Swine ‘Flu – and I shall delete with great glee the various guidelines Ive posted on separate pages at the top of the  blog. Who is viewing the pages I dont know, but they are having agreat number of hits so I’ll leave them on for now.

First of all, before I do my fantasy ministry piece, here is my garden in mid-summer:

hail stones

Powerful hail storm and rain today – Im sure it’s St Swithin living  out his pledge for 40 days of rain round here.

So, here is my fantasy ministry day:

* Up at 8.00am – breakfast and walk to church for morning prayer, joining a few faithful folk in the chancel.

*9.00am – 10.30am – dealing with admin

11.00am – 1pm – visiting people/school visits

1pm-3pm –  lunch, rest and reading

4pm- 5.30pm – more visiting

5.30pm- 7.00pm prepare “proper” meal, have time to eat without phone interuptions.

7.00pm – deal with phone messages

7.30pm – 9.30pm – meeting of some kind ( I quite like them really)

9.45pm – 10.30am – blog time/reading

10.30am – wind down and a restful sleep

But it rarely turns out like that  In practice, admin takes loads of time up, not least dealing with Rural Dean stuff.  ( We have a splendid Secretary who does great things, but I still have to deal with a lot of immediate and complex stuff.)

Then there is the food to buy, house to clean, mum to visit, dentist to go to, garden to sort, car to fault find, bank to visit, son and daughter to worry about from a distance. Phone calls to try to get leak fixed in down stairs loo, building work to get going in church etc etc etc. Infact each day is different with a kaleidoscope of things to get sorted – dont know if women priests tend to muti-task more than out male counterparts – especially  with house stuff to sort.  I should have been born in Kilvert’s time. Love this quote from his diary:

June 8th:

How delightful it is in these sweet summer evenings to wander from cottage to cottage and from farm to farm exchanging bright words and looks with the girls at their garden gates and talking to the kindly people sitting at their cottage doors or meeting in the lane when their work is done. How sweet it is to pass from house to house welcome and beloved everywhere by young and old, to meet the happy loving smiles of the dear children at their evening play in the lanes and fields and no meet with no harsher reproach than this: ” Its is a longful while since you have been to us. We do love to see you coming and we do miss you sorely when you are away”

Yes, those days of ministry are long since gone ( anyone disagree?) and instead of having hours to wander round our parishioners homes, there is stacks of admin to sort out, worries over the Deanery Share and another meeting at ” HQ” about something or other – a journey of two hours travelling in total. Im not moaning, just having a bit of a mind wander on a wet day-off – was it really that good in Kilvert’s  time? Or is the country parson model a myth of a golden age that never existed?

Sadly, Kilvert didnt live very long after his marriage in 1879 and was buried in St Andrews Churchyard, Bredwardine in Herefordshire.


St Andrew’s at Bredwardine.

Now Im going to have a fantasy baked potato and see what Church Times has got to tell me this week.

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