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Wheelie bins, canons and a blessing

So very pleased that Great Paxton Church heard today they have a further £3,000 for their project – only £5,000 short now – out of £84,000 – they have all worked so hard to get their new loos  and meeting area and work starts on August 10th

Discovered today that I was 6Ilbs 6ozs when  born – my Mum told me ( she shouldknow!)  and that in 1954 mothers stayed in hospital 10 days – 2  weeks because it was thought they needed the rest….


Here is mole resting after a very long day in the garden

holly hock

Hollyhock : Remains of hollyhocks have been found in a Neanderthal burial site at Shanidar. Bet you didnt know that…..and are  native to southwest and central Asia.


An unusual way to plant tobacco plants….


And here is an alternative use of a wheelie bin.. mind yer own business, Vicar!

Meanwhile, and here is something completely different:

From The Canons of The Church of England 1969 edition ( not that long ago)


1) In every parish church, except for some reasonable cause approved by the bishop of the Diocese, Morning and Evening Prayer shall be said or sung on all Sundays and other principal feast days and also on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Each service shall be said or sung  distinctly, reverently, and in an audible voice.

3) On all other days the minister of the parish, together with all other ministers licensed to serve in the parish, being at home and not otherwise reasonably hindered, shall resort to the church morning and evening, and warning being given to the people by the tolling of the bell, say or sing the Common Prayers and on the appointed days the litany…..

Sadly, not very practical now in the days of multi-parish benefices.

Canon B18

1) In every parish church a sermon shall be preached at least once each Sunday, except for reasonable cause approved by the bishop of the Diocese.

2) The preacher shall endeavour himself with care and sincerity to minister the word of truth, to the glory of God and to the edification of the people.

So now you know how things were in 1969.

Here is a blessing I rather like:

May the Father open your hearts to his goodness

May the Son set you aflame with his love

May the spirit inspire your celebration of life

May the Father, Son and Holy Spirit bless you now and always.


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