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Rural Dean fantasy birthday wish list

How old would you be if you dont know how old you are ???

( Think about it)

And  now…

What would be the perfect birthday present for a Rural Dean?

1) 1oo gift wrapped bottles of alcohol gel

2) A consignment of files for various meetings and church inspections

3) A three wheeler electric  bike for getting round the parishes

4) A natty wardrobe of outfits for Deanery Synod meetings

5) Endless supply of  retired clergy to cover for sickness/interegna/holidays

6) Hotline to God for solving those tricky questions about communion in one kind.

7) Online sermons on tap service for those busy sundays

8) More hours in the day every day ( how did the smiley face get there?)

9) A good nights  sleep every night without dreaming of putting out fires

10)  A household of servants to fetch and carry.

11) lots more foresight and less hindsight

12) A pot of gold to take a chapter member out for lunch once a week

and… a loo in every deanery church ( getting there!)

Not asking much surely?

st clements piccie 2

Class of c 1962 – St Clements School, Boscombe. Spot Paxtonvic?

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