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Cut short by Radio Cambridge

Just minding my own business when Radio Cambridge rang and asked about our upcoming and much hoped for plans at St James Little Paxton Church. You know the sort of thing – re-hang the bells, new ringers’ floor, new heating system, new level floor,  re-plastering in parts, redecoration and SHOCK HORROR – removing all the late twentieth century not very important pews and replacing them with tasteful oak comfy chairs which people can sit on for more than 10 minutes without getting a numb posterior. We calling all of this CHUFT – Church for Tomorrow – as the aim is to make the church building fit for purpose for the the people of the future who might want to do more than just worship there on a Sunday.

So, a nice lady told me that they would ring me back in 5 mintes and do a live interview for the news. Managed to get nicely winded up ready to roll when they  rang…. but when they did, I was told  it wouldnt be live but recorded – so rabbited on for some minutes about my favourite passion – refurbishing churches and making them fit for purpose.  Its like pressing a button and on I go. Dont know when it will be broadcast – she said it would be a filler!

I didnt mention the wonderful tynpanum we have above the entrance to the church:

tynpanum 2

But no plans to change that in any way …. will do a blog about our mysterious feature another day….

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