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Poems for a Friday night

R.S Thomas:

In Church

Often I try

To analyse the quality

Of its silence. Is this where God hides

From my searchings?  I have stopped to listen,

After the few people have gone,

To the air recomposing itself

For vigil. It has waited like this

Since the stomes grouped themselves about it.

These are the hard ribs

Of a body that our prayers have failed to animate. Shadows advance

From their corners to take possession

Of places light held

For an hour. Bats resume their business. The uneasiness of the pews

Ceases. There is no other sound

In the darkness but the sound of a man

Breathing, testing his faith

On emptiness, nailing his questions

One by one to an untenanted cross.

And lines from ” The Belfry” also by R.S. Thomas

…..for religion
Is like that. There are times
When a black frost is upon
One’s whole being, and the heart
In its bone belfry hangs and is dumb.

Religion is a search for a presence which is defined by its absence”

For Now

A poem written by Andrew Motion for the English Heritage ” Inspire!” campaign.

In the mind’s eye, in the memory-store, for now
The church sets sail but stays where it was built,
Its anchor hooked into the parish-heart.
In the green yard, in the deep grass, for now
Each summer-tide swells up and leaves the dead
Untouched inside their plots of tilted earth.
In the flint nave, in the window-shafts, for now
The glassy saints grow limber with the sun
That ripples through their robes and walk again.
In the blind vault, in the dry hush, for now
The coffins hoard their argosies of dust
And darkness gleams as definite as light.
In the slow years, in the centuries, for now
The villagers arrive to load the ark
That saves their lives and settles here as home.

Sir Andrew Motion  ( Former Poet Laureate)


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