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Lammastide, feast of the first harvest, celebrated on August 1. The name is generally considered to be derived from the old English word hlāfmæsse (loaf-mass), originally an old English festival of the grain harvest in which each of the faithful presented a loaf made of new wheat as an offering of the first fruits.

Others associate Lammastide with the feast of Saint Peter’s Chains, which celebrates the deliverance of Saint Peter from prison and also takes place on August 1. They contend that the name is taken from lamb-mass, which once was celebrated in some parts of England on August 1. Traditionally, each feudatory (person holding lands by feudal tenure) brought a lamb to the mass as an offering. Lammastide is also generally observed in Scotland. Lammastide is related to a Celtic harvest ritual called Lughnasadh (sometimes spelled Lughnasad). The first-harvest feast in Britain is also known as Lammas and Lammas Day.

Lammastide should mean, to me, warm dry weather and wandering along the edges of the fields watching the grain ripening in the sunshine – but today in this part of Cambridgeshire, it has been rain and yet more rain. But the first fruits of life… I am very lucky that I have lovely children who are now in their twenties and today I managed to get  them to be together with me for a few hours. Mike came first with his girlie Lottie and we spent an incredible few hours, unplanned, researching Lottie’s family tree in Wandsworth – we got back to 1790’s just thorugh looking a census records. Then Adele arrived from Coventry and we went to see my  Mum. I think she was a bit bemused to see us all at the same time but here we are:

four of us at mums 2

Three generations spanning 1923 – date

Nice meal in St Neots’ pub and then Mike and Lottie had to get back to London town. Back at the Vicarage, the sky gave us an amazing sunset and Adele and I had to go out and capture it – not that you can capture a sunset…

adele and camera cropped

sunset 6

Praise God for the beauty that springs upon us

unsought and free

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