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The Parable of The Lost Lapel Microphone clip at Great Paxton Church

That doesnt sound quite as good as ” The Parable of The Lost Coin” or ” The Parable of the Lost Sheep” does it….? But this afternoon, during a baptism at Great Paxton Church, my lapel mic got separated from its clip and became not entirely  useless but hard to use. Myself and the church wardens searched everywhere for it after the service but could not find it.  I was so irritated  by this that I went back afterwards on my own and had another hunt. Under the pews, round the font, down cracks by the pillars etc etc. No, it was well and truly lost. But after a while, I got to like being in there on my own and started really looking at some of the ancient features as the afternoon stretched into early evening and the pigeons were calling from the roof tops.

sun dial at GP

The old sundial on a buttress on the south wall caught my attention – it would originally have had a marker inserted in the middle of the dial, acting as the time keeper as the sun moved round the sky. How many preists and people would look at it and known it was time to say morning or evening prayer or celebrate mass?

medieval fragments window

Up in the chancel on the north wall is a window containing fragments of medieval glass. Someone enjoyed collecting them together and putting them inot one window – there are some lovely greens and reds and  the top right and left lights have perfect round motifs – almost celtic in flavour. Medieval churches used to be full of stained glass – much was lost at the Reformation- but many churches still have some  fragments astiduously collected by an  unknown glass lover and  re-presented in windows for us to enjoy.


Here is the font – the place of thousnads of baptisms at Holy Trinity over the years. It has a very large font cover which is held in place by a pulley  (although the picture seesm to show it suspended  in mid-air!)  I love to imagine baptisms held here over the centuries – and in the days when many people never left their village environment, they would have been baptised here, married and buried in the churchyard. A rare occurance in these days of mobility. Still couldnt find my clip anywhere near the font.

baptism people

Earlier, the church had been full of a large baptism party – a wondrous row of little lads on the front pews being quite good really as the little baby girl slept throughout it all. They were happy people and I think felt glad to be there. But on my own, the silence was  so restful and my eyes kept  spotting  something new ….. but no-where to be seen was the clip.

men at work

Men at work soon! Yes, on August 10th our facility Project begins and the water will be flowing!

rood stairs

The ancient rood loft stairs – how fascinating is that! ( Update – just found out that these stairs up to the rood loft used to be called a ” Vice” .) They seem to start half way up a wall….. who would have mounted the stairs? What activities took place on the rood loft? A choir? Candles and palms on Palm Sunday? Was there an ancient  rood – a large cross with Christ on it?  When was the rood taken down?  Questions, questions….. and still no clip.

I simply love old churches – Ive no idea why really – its just something deep down in me.

It was time to go home and leave the search for that clip. It will come to light one day….I feel very lucky to have the  care of  these buildings along with the PCC – even of they do eat up money. And if that clip hadn’t gone missing, then I wouldnt have had that precious time alone in the  church.

Seek and ye shall find… often what you arent looking for….

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