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The Good Samaritan in glass and rap

Funny how things link up…..

Was driving into St Neots’ this morning to buy a printer cartridge ( practical life stops abruptly in this empire without one) when I saw a lady who had maybe fallen off her bike sitting on the pavment. Some young people had stopped their car to help her – and when I drove back (  having procured said cartridge) they were still with her, one of them with a hand on her shoulder. Lets hope she is okay now and wasnt badly injured.

It reminded me of the story of the Good Samaritan – and when I went into St James Church later to my shame I realised that the stained glass in the south aisle wall was infact telling the story of the Good Samaritan. ( Luke 10)  I hadnt really looked at it before. The colours have always reminded me of a window in St Botolph’s Church, Sibson near Nuneaton ( another of my former parishes) and I think it may be by the same artist – whoever that may be. Definately not Edward Burne Jones though.

Little Paxton window

The Good Samaritan window at Little Paxton

LP picture 3

The Priest and Levite walk on the other side. The colours are amazing whn the sunlight beams through. They are so taken up with their own self-importance – and obeying God( as they see it)  that they cant see the plight of the injured man

samaritan paying money

The Samaritan paying money to the innkeeper to care for the wounded man.

Are we ever too busy to stop and help someone in trouble?

Are there, sadly, now times when it might not be safe to stop and help?

I reckon there is a tremendous amount of goodness and kindess in the world and always has been. But that doesnt get much of a mention in the press and onthe National News.

And here, rather different than the stained glass medium, is a bible rap:

A lawyer once asked,”What must I do
To inherit eternal life, what say you?”
Jesus replied, “What says the Law?”
“To love God and your neighbor without any flaw”.
This said the man and Jesus replied,
“Do this and you will be justified”.
“But who is my neighbor in what category?”
He said and so Jesus told him this story
A man was going along the way
And suddenly found himself in great dismay
He was robbed, beaten and left for dead
While the robbers took what they would and fled
A priest happened to go down the street
And saw the man whom the robbers did beat
But he passed him by on the other side
He could have helped, but he did not provide
A Levite also did the same.
But finally a Samaritan came.
When he saw he took pity on him
As the man’s prospects were clearly grim
He bandaged his wounds pouring on wine and oil
Caring for him with much toil
He took him to an inn and then the next day
Payed for his care while he went away
But told the innkeeper, “I will return
And pay you any extra that you earn”
Now which of these three do you suppose
Was a neighbor to the man, which do you propose?
“The one who showed mercy,” the lawyer replies
Jesus answered, “Go and do likewise.”
So if you think by the Law you will be saved
You’d better be more than just well behaved
You must love in spirit and not only in letter
Though you think you’re good, you must be better.

Off to choir practice in the rain…

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