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The Pre-Raphelites – on TV


Anyone been watching the BBC tv series the ” Desperate Romantics?” Just the sort of thing you need after a days hard graft at ‘mill. Of course, modesty dictates that one turns ones head away at the  racy  bits, but its an interesting take on the lives of the young ” Brotherhood” of painters who, including Holman Hunt, formed the group known as the  Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in 1848.

I included the Light of the World painting by Hunt( above)  on paxtonvic earler in July and it has had a lot of  views – and it was interesting to see Hunt portrayed as one of the saner members of the Brotherhood – though not without his eccentricity. His desire to go to the Holy Land to witness a real dawn there so he could accurately paint his Light of the World must have been an all consumming passion – along with his lady friend – but without that first hand experience, his exquistire painting might not have  been so memorable.

When I was a teenager, I was quite fascinated by the Pre-Raphelite pictures and here is one I used to have a postcard of… by Millais called Christ at The House of his parents


Love the movement in the picture.. if they all could speak – what would they be saying?

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  1. Hi , I live in Bournemouth and I’ve been reading your blog. I would just like to echo your thoughts on “Desperate Romantics”; isn’t it fantastic. Their work has always fascinated me but I didn’t know much about the artists. It’s certainly very racy and I don’t know if all the romps with all those buxom redheads is good for me, but the whole thing is fascinating. I’m looking forward to seeing more about William Morris, as a Christian Socialist he is of interest.
    I live in Boscombe and last year I was chairman of our “Churches Together”, I am very fond of our Anglican cousins, so I can understand what you said about “falling in love with the Church Of England” in Oxford, what a great place to grow up.
    I know the building that used to be the home of some of Tolstoy’s followers: it’s in Iford Lane at Tuckton. Count Tchercov and some followers went there escaping persecution by the Czar’s government in 19 century and it was where Tolstoy’s works were first published. I am not sure when but some time in 20 cent, they moved to a building in Southbourne ( not far from Boscombe ) which became a nursing home called “Slavanca”, that may have been where you were born.
    Look out for the last episode of Desperate Romantics on Tuesday
    God bless

    Comment by Martin Bedford | August 23, 2009 | Reply

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