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The National Churches Trust

Hope that title gets lots of  views on my blog!

Im very supportive of the NCT  ( not to be confused with the National Childbirth Trust!) – used to be  the the Historic Churches Preservation Trust and now has a new name.

They give wonderful financial support to church fabric projects and now also to re-ordering projects which clearly will benefit the community.

Myself and our PCCs are very grateful that they have offered grants of £7,500 each to GreatPaxton and Diddington Churches towards their facility projects through their Community Programme.

I have joined the NCT with an annual donnation and much of their income comes from church nuts like me who appreciate the unique heritage of these buildings. Why not go on their web-site  and see what they do and why not sign up? You dont have to give a lot per year – as much as you can afford – but every bit helps!

thumb_IH O9 2006 Orton on the Hill Leics St Edith window IAN HAMIL

Now  from the NCT web-site – so good to find these pictures. This is from the Steele-Perkins mausoleum which we restored 2005 ( ish) at Orton-on-Hill  (part of the Sheepy Group in Leicestershire) ) – converted from the north aisle, the mausoleum was in a parlous state and with grant aid (  some from NCT and mega money from English Heritage ) we restored it sensitively. We had to open it up at one point to see what was going on inside and found several lead coffins of the Steele-Perkins family in almost perfect condition. Rev Richard Steele-Perkins was with us when we cut through and we said a prayer beforehand. Now light can stream through into the area – a huge  project which I knew we could raise funds for.

thumb_IH T5 2006 Twycross St James the Greater Leics royal coat ofThe coast of arms at Twycross St James, also part of the Sheepy Group. Work has just finished there now carrying our roof work and other fabric restoration fund raising for which began in 2006. Well done to everyone at Twycross who might stumbled upon paxtonvic – youve done so well to get the project finished! St James has some of the oldest stained glass in England, with its East window coming originally from Paris- Saint Chapelle and St Denys 900 years old – the colours are amazing.

thumb_IH S14 2006 Sibson St Botolph Leics piscina IAN HAMILTON 200 Finally, from the NCT website, another NCT funded church – St Botolph at Sibson ( Sheepy Group again) – here is the piscina. When I went to Sibson in 1998 there had been a long standing and serious crack in the east  wall and eventually with grant monies not least from English Heritage and NCT we underpinned the east wall with a substantial engineering project.

Great to see these pictures and happy memories!

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