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Meditation on a brick

Meditation on a brick by Michel Quoist

The bricklayer laid a brick on the bed of cement,

Then with a precise stroke of his trowel, spread another layer,

And without a by-your-leave, laid  on another brick.

The foundation grew visibly.

The building rose, tall and strong, to shelter men.

I thought, dear Lord, of that brick buried in the drakness at the base of the big building:

No one sees it, but it accomplishes its task, and the other bricks need it.

Lord, what difference whether I am on the roof-top or in the foundation of  your building,

as long as I stand faithfully at the right place?

August 15th 09 - brickwork on tower

Brick work in Diddington Church tower

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  1. Dear Annette,
    What an amazing thing, I was searching for Michel Quoist’s Prayers of Life and came somehow on to your blog! I am a retired clergyman living in The Netherlands, having spent since 1972 here and in Belgium. It was interesting reading your life history.. I was priested in Christ Church Oxford, served in the Parish of Langley Bucks(as it was then), the joined the Missions to Seamen. Your church looks beautiful, the type of church we dream about when divided by the Channel!
    God Bless you in your ministry,
    Geoffrey Allen

    Comment by Geoffrey Allen | November 24, 2009 | Reply

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