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The beauty and grace of Diddington’s stained glass.

You know how you can think you have looked at something, but havent really taken in how beautiful it is?

This afternoon I took a pause from being with my mother and went to Diddington Church.  Not a lot more had been done on the re-ordering project by the contractors – so I went over to the two magnificant windows in the south chapel – the St Catherine Chapel which also houses the Thornhill hatchments and below the Thornhill mausoleum.

I was absolutely stunned by the colours and pictures in the glass and armed with the book which Pam Dodman has reproduced recently of Ven W.A.Uthwatt’s ( one time vicar) record and story of the glass, I set about seriously looking.

I have decided at last to have a little wordpress weblog on Diddington as I have done for Great Paxton so shall put a lot of photos on there of St Laurence. But for now how about these:

August 15th 09 - east window - trees outside and  stained glass flower

This is a small piece of the eastermost window in the chapel which has exquisite flemish glass and other medieval pieces. This picture is a combination of glass and the tress and sky outside shining through. Can you tell which is which?

August 15th 09 - east window - columbine

Another charming flower in stained glass – a columbine – the badge of Henry 4th . You can see the grave stones outside and the lovely greens of the churchyard.

August 15th 09 - east window - St Anne

A lovely 16th century Flemish roundel depicting St Anne holding the crowned virgin and Holy Child. I wonder who the face peeping out at us is meant to be?

August 15th 09 - St James in west window- head of James the Greater with beaver hat and scallop shell

Now we know that Little Paxton Church is dedicated to St James, but there is no depiction of him at all in the church. But at St Laurence we do infact find a StJames peering out at us from the westernmost  window of the chapel. We know it is St James as we have him wearing a scallop shell on his beaver hat.

Well, you wont be surprised that I took a lot more photos including a picture of the quarry with a rather surprisingly erotic depiction of Eve ( least I think its Eve) and the devil. Too late for that sort of thing now – but I shall enjoy putting them all on a new site for Diddington shortly.

Do go and see the Diddington stained glass if you have a few spare moments – it is to be fair the best glass in the benefice as both GP and LP must have had their glass destroyed in earlier years.

The Diddington windows were reassembled  1947-49 by Messrs G King and G Carrick and on Sunday March 6th 1949 the glass was rededicated by the Bishop of Ely.

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