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Summer snowflakes and a morning prayer

stained glass north wall chancel - snowflakes 3

Its just me at the end of a day off from duties, but I reckon this tiny quarry in the window of the north chancel wall at Great Paxton has a pattern not unlike a snowflake……

snowflake 5 not that the painter was probably thinking snowflakes at the time…..

It was a bit strange  not going to church this morning but good to have rest from service planning and delivering. Spent some time with my mum who was able to say a bit  more than over the last few days and again sat with her in her room  this afternoon  as  the Home summer fete was in full swing in the gardens. There was loud war-time music playing over  a tanoy to the residents who were sitting out under gazebos with hats on – many of whom are in their 80’s. I couldnt help thinking what music would be playing in 30 years time if I was in a home?  Beatles? Rolling Stones? Tom Jones? Aled Jones?? I’ll have to wait and see.

I learnt a lesson about being careful who you say what to…… when a female  singer appeared  and sung Ca Sera Sera into a kareoke machine ( What ever will be, will be) I kind of winced a bit as im not too keen on sing-a-longs with old folk and upon returning to the car park nearly said to a guy sitting in a car playing with a lap top ” not sure about the singing”!

Good job I didnt as it was his wife…….

August 16th 09 - dawn

There is something translucent about the light over a garden at dawn- this was taken at 5am this morning looking out at the waste land beyond.

Morning Prayer

You Lord God are

Strength for my task

Light for my way

Peace for my mind

Power for this day

Presence with me now

Love for alway

@David Adam

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