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Day 4 - August 17th - Glenn and Julian

They look happy today – Glenn our contractor at Great Paxton and our architect Julian making the drawings make sense in reality.

There is just this small problem of the find of carved stones under the tower floor stopping work from progressing  until a full archeological survey is made of them which will take 2-3 days and at some cost of course.

Meanwhile. Glenn is getting on with digging the very long trench from the top  of the churchyard to the west tower – a long trek- which will carry the new water supply

I splashed out on a wonderful CD called ” Paradise Found” by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band – A celebration of Charles  Wesley’s hymns. They sing them out with great gusto on old English instruments to folky type tunes giving Wesley a new lease of life ( if he needed one that is).  ( Park Records 2007)

And then also today with son  Michael researching his girlfriends ancestors in Wandsworth  it was well wierd as they say to find a link with them and my Whanslaws also from Wandsworth   which all goes to show we are all related if we go back far enough. Michael was at the London Metropolitan Archives Centre in London – he had a great time and I think has got the ancestry bug at last!

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