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Back at Great Paxton

Day 9 of the Living Water Project – and living up to its word the water and sewage  trenches have been dug out and pipe work put in….

August 24th Day 9 - trench leading into tower base 2

Looking towards the west tower door the trench taking water ( or is it sewage?) in/out of the building.

Aug 24th Day 9 - Glenn and wheelbarrow

A lot of  hard working carting gravel around to backfill the trenches.

Aug 24th Day 9 - steps under west door

Interesting shot of the foundations (? ) under the tower base west entrance – was this the original place where the Saxon nave ended before the tower was added on?

Aug 24th Day 9 - bert Goodwin looking at stone in tower base

Bert Goodwin and taking a close look at one of the old stone found in the tower base. Bert was born in the village and has an amazing memory and grasp of the history of the village and church.  This stone is the mystery 164 stone – the numbers 164 on it in lead – but we can now see an “o” making it 1604.

More photos on – the brother site to this one!

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