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Love this job – its so varied and I never quite know what is going to happen next…..

aug 25th 09 day 10 - stones laid out like a snake

Here are some of the best recovered stones from the Great Paxton find laid out like a snake round a yew tree….from the biggest to the smallest. Sometimes life  feels to me such a mystery and  the times and wheres and whys seem to disppear round a bend and I cant quite grasp the answers. Anymore than we know quite where these stones were once placed in the scheme of the minster church.

aug 25th o9 man on toilet roof

Here is a group from the University of the Third Age ( U3A) from Melbourn visiting Diddington church. Looking down on them as they admire something special in the church  is a benevolent angel perched on the new toilet roof …Im hoping he might be a permanent fixture…. or maybe not come to think about it.

aug 25th day 10 melbourn visit- cars

It tickled me that all of the Melbourn group’s cars were silver – here they are all lined  up down Church Lane in Great Paxton.

day 10 aug 25th - back drop manhole cover

This,  you will all recognize as a hole. Its is infact a back drop manhole cover – or will be – and that has something to do with taking  the sewage  away from the church – it kind of flows away down into  the hole and then drops down a long way into the sewage connection. Its  so clever! Whatever floats your boat, I say! Well doen Glenn and Lance for digging it out today through  the clay layers at Great Paxton.

LP church in sunlight aug 25th 09 2

LP tower in sunlight - Aug 25th 09

And then just as the sun was setting this evening I saw the light on St James Church – a golden glow gently intimating that its time to wind down and enjoy the evening.

So, I will go and see if I can cope with the last episode of the ” Desperate Romantics on BBC Tv.

…………yes, I did cope.

Hum… not totally historical in detail – his wife Lizzie did die from an overdose of laudanum  but only after she had given birth to their still born child( which wasnt mentioned) and he didnt exhume his poems from his wife’s grave straightaway – it was some years after that he did so from her grave in Highgate, London. They were published in 1870 – but were attacked for their ” fleshly” quality.

A tortured man – towards the end of his with increasing dependance on drugs life he developed a fascination for wombats and kept one at home.

If the TV series encouraged people to take a closer look at these Victorian painters I think its a good thing – and TV being TV will always bend the truth a bit to make drama a bit more dramatic.

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