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Church Times swine ‘flu revelations

Well, truth to tell, Ive gone quiet on swine ‘flu  recently – though the greatest number of views I’ve had on paxtonvic have been on the swine ‘flu topic.

Church Times August 28th page 5 carries an article:

” Clergy disregard ‘flu advice”

” Many clergy plan to disregard the advice of the Archbishops… given last month, about not using a shared chalice during communion to prevent the spread of swine ‘flu. The archbishops……urged caution during the sharing of the peace, advising people not to shake hands. It has emerged, though, that many priests have been ignoring the davice now that the number of new swine ‘flu cases has receded and are allowing communicants to receive in both kinds”

One vicar is then quoted as saying ” it was likely he would return to the use of the chalice and the normal sharing of the peace on Sunday… I have enormous sympathy for the Archbishops in all of this, but I suspect that pressure was put on them by the government….”

A spokeman for the Church of England said that the Archbishops’ advice was only recommendations and acknowedged that not all clergy would want to follow them.

Okay – so it receded for a bit over the summer ( as predicted) -but now as the schools go back big rises are on the cards. I was watching ” Look East” this evening and the non sensationalist reporting suggests that the figures could go up at a very high rate this autumn. So, how daft to stop the precautions just because the cases went down whilst the schools were off… if we are serious about having a duty of care, lets keep on with being sensible for a while as we deal with an unknown virus and vacinations are introduced.

Or maybe this is the answer:

Flying rabbis pray to save Israel from swine flu– Aug 11, 2009

JERUSALEM — A planeload of Israeli rabbis and Jewish mystics held an airborne prayer meeting in the belief that it could help check the spread of swine flu in Israel, an Israeli newspaper reported Tuesday.

The Yediot Ahronot daily said a plane with 50 people on board circled over Israel on Monday, with the passengers chanting prayers and sounding the ritual ram’s horn.

The newspaper report carried a photo showing bearded and black-clad Orthodox Jewish men standing on the steps of an aircraft of Israeli short-haul airline Arkia. Airline officials could not be reached for comment.

“The purpose of the flight was to stop the (swine flu) epidemic so that people will not keeping dying from it,” Rabbi Yitzhak Basri, one of the participants, told the newspaper.

Israel’s Health Ministry has confirmed more than 2,000 cases of swine flu, with five fatalities in the country so far.

Warnings have been issued of widespread infections in Israel in the fall and winter, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to obtain enough vaccine to protect every Israeli citizen from swine flu.


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