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Never too old for Jesus

Just catching up with past editions of Church Times – this one 14th August 2009. ( I think Ive moved on all the 2008 ones!)

The feature pages included an article called ” Never too old for Jesus”  and the article looks at church and mission for the over 55s.

Panic sets in:   I’m past it then as Age Concern defines the onset of  ” older age” as 55 years… really?

It goes on to say that “older” adults are journeying from active retirement to increasing fraility – often identified as the Third age and Fourth age.  Im confused now ( no doubt a sympton of being an ” older ” adult !) and not sure if  at 55 I should be included in the third age??

Apparantly Church Army has tagged the Third-agers as the ” Saga Generation”  and they are a “mission blind spot” .  The article says that

” Church activities for the over 55’s seem thin on the ground” – really?? Im not sure we are that different here to many C of E rural parishes, but a huge percentage of our congregations are 55 plus – 65 plus to be accurate.Most of our activities are organised for and by the over 55’s….

So Im left wondering whether I should get used to a label of ” older adult” and “third age” or whether Im actually a spring chicken after all just learning to walk in the scheme of things. And with the possibility of clergy having to work till they are 68 years in future before retiring, Ive got at least 18 more Christmasses to go….

I increasingly dont take much notice of anyone’s age and the more I study the ancient past I realise that whatever age we live to be, we are but a very tiny part in the story of human life – a mere speck  – yet totally valued by God.

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