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The real Henry 8th

Not sure how historically accurate the BBC 2 TV series is on Henry 8th (currently running) but I quite enjoyed tonights episode.

I didnt attempt last week as I knew some rather nasty scenes were coming up when the Pilgrimage of  Grace  folk were going to meet a brutal end  but with Henry tonight mourning Jane Seymour in a darkened place with only his ” fool” Will Sommers for company  it seemed safer to tune in.

You may know there has been a rather fine Henry exhibition on at the British Library which closed this week-end, with guest curator  David Starkey.

“Highlights of the exhibition include Henry’s personal Prayer Book, containing his handwritten notes, his marriage contract with Katherine of Aragon, a list of people executed in his reign, including wives, favourites and ministers, and a love letter to Anne Boleyn, concealed in the Vatican for almost five centuries. Almost certainly stolen from Anne to serve as evidence against the King’s divorce, the letter is exhibited here for the first time and sheds light on Henry’s infamous infatuation.

“This exhibition draws on the British Library’s rich collections – including the books that Henry himself chose, read and annotated – which outline the revolutionary change in ideas that took place during the reign of Henry VIII and take us, as nothing else can, into the King’s own mind.”

Incase you had wished you had gone, there is a chance to see some of it online at:

and there is even a Henry blogbut not as good as this one! Just imagine if Henry has blogged…..and just imagine how the Christian faith would have been now if Henry hadnt been the man he was and done the things he did….

There is also, to end this blog on a humourous note, an online Henry shop with the British  Library. So how about the following:

Henry's PB A copy of Henry’s Prayer Book ( c £750.00)

Henry scarf

A scarf like wot he wore

Henry mug A mug just like the one he took his night cap from  (to give him strength for the…. ……….next day ahead

Henry bag A  Henry bag to cut out the need for plastic bags at supermarkets

Henry activity set A Henry activity set – ( but not, one imagines, for the children – the axe might be a bit sharp)

Henry hanging from a tree And finally, a Henry Christmas Tree decoration – great to hang from a tree – and also available- each wife  has a decoration. Great to collect the set!

I just cant make my mind up what to get… I will stop now before all this goes to my head…..

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