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A taste of the past at a funeral

horses outside church

It isn’t very often that I officiate at a funeral nowadays where a horse drawn carriage brings the deaceased to church. This was the case today at Little Paxton Church as you will see from the above picture – two beautiful black friesian horses with plumes and drapes brought Clement to church just as they had his wife Ivy two  years  ago.  There  was something very dignified about the arrival although the journey on to Cambridge Crematorium afterwards was by more conventional transport.  I learnt that those who walk ahead of the horses at such a procession ( or indeed ahead of the hearse) are  “paging”  – maybe that is where we get ” page-boy”  from?

Two very different experiences for me then – this stately and dignified arrival of Clem at church –  and then later on the A428 heading for Cambridge, a horrid large lorry who sat on my tail flashing its lights and trying to overtake – even when I was doing c 60 MPH.  The horses reminded me of an age when people took time and  had weren’t so consumed with hurry and stress. Maybe that age never existed?  I like to think it did….

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