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alf gower 12. 9 09

Amazingly strong church warden Alf after todays wedding at Little Paxton.

We always like to make sure there will be space for the vehicle/horses and cart/milk float or whatever brings the bride, to park. So the church cones come out each time and someone always remembers to bring them in again.

Alf’s turn this time as our other warden Ken is out today cycling for the annual ride and stride day in aid of the Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust – I hope he’s back by now and not too sore.


Amazing spider in the middle of his web surrounded by a hosta. How spiders make webs and manage to stay in the middle I do not know – really clever. This little chap posed for me nicely today.

paper mill building aug 25th 09

Raising the roof on new properties at Little Paxton. Though slowed down by the recession, new properties are begining to spring up now on the Paper Mill Lock site ( sorry if I have got the name wrong) along Mill Lane.  I have been trying to imagine what it will be like when it is finished – certainly more traffic down Mill Lane and lots more people in the village. I hope they find a warm welcome.

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  1. Sorry Annette but my three year old grand-daughter called the new housing complex the chicken coop house! I rather think it has to do with the pitched roof and the (chicken wire) scaffolding. She is obsessed with chickens at the moment as she shares her garden with one or two (in a coop) of course.

    Comment by Lyn | September 21, 2009 | Reply

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