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Saturday morning

Good sleep and now theres a strong wind outside and a nip in the air. We had our Harvest Supper last night in Little Paxton Village Hall with a magnificent Christian magician called Tony Maidment. I think really, as he said, he is an illustionist – and performed some very clever tricks with slight of hand movements and a technique called palming.

The supper was designed to offer another opportunity for people who dont normally come to church to ” come, taste and see” – ( quite apt that especailly as we had a very tasty supper)   and although there werent a great number of new comers, it was good to see a nice mixture of regular church people and their guests.

Time now for a homily for the Prayer Book Communion at Great Paxton at 9.00am tomorrow morning. Fortunately Tony is talking at Little Paxton’s harvest 40 minutes and no doubt will have a few more magic tricks up his sleeve ( ha ha)

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