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There are ten letters in population

But only one of them is “U”.

Call my bluff

Offers three explanations

But only one of them is true.

There are no two ways

To get through a maze

And likewise there is only one you.

There’s one Mona Lisa

One Robin Hood

There’s only one QE2.

And though others share the hundred acre wood

There’s only one Winnie the Pooh.

One mouse that’s Mickey

And its tricky

But there’s only one you.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Genetics have proved it

There’s only one you.

Like it? Cant remember where I first found this, but its good to remember how unique each one of us is… especially  when you consider that there are:

c 6,788,694,072.   ( 6.8 Billion) people in the world

In China:  1,333,253,549            19.67% of the world’s population

India:        1,170,385,660            17.23%                         ”

USA           307,581,346                    5.00%                        ”

Russia        141,837,010                  2.00%                        ”

UK               61,000,000… we are very tiny really.

The UK population grew by 408,000 in 2008 – the biggest increase for almost 50 years, according to the Office for National Statistics.

The total number of people passed 61m for the first time in the UK

There are now a record 1.3 million people aged over 85 in the UK making up 2% of the total.

By 2050 – 9 Billion people are predicted to be living on planet earth.

By 1 A.D.  at the time of Christ  the world may have held about 300 million people – c population of USA today.

How many people have ever lived?

106 Billion since the dawn of the human race at least , thats one estimate.

Faced with these large figures, we can feel very insignificant indeed – I am just 1 of 106 billion people who have ever lived.

Number of Christians out of that 6.8 Billion – 2.1 Billion – but very rough estimate.

33%  of world’s population are Christian

Muslim: 19.6%

Hindus 13%

Non – religious 12%

Just a few figures to count to get you off to sleep!


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