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Today after quite a restless nights sleep I was up and ready for assembly at Great Paxton School at 9.00am. Reception children were in for the first time, so rather than wow the whole school with my fascination for population stats, I did the story of the woman who lost a coin and then did a song version of it:

” One day a woman lost a coin

Wherever could it be?

She needed it to pay her bills,

so she searched on her hands and knees”

There’s more, but not too much excitement all at once)

( To the tune Old MacDonald – it does work!)

Actually, I dont think she needed it to pay her bills – more that it was one of ten coins that a married woman would wear round her forehead on a band to show that she was married. Anyway, we know the coin was precious to the woman, enough to search diligently for it. Likewise, we too are infinately precious  to God – and he searches us out if we go off the straight and narrow.

Shame quite a few of the youngsters are off poorly – lots of  colds around at the moment.

I much admire the greenhouse at GP school made out of recycled plastic bottles  ( and some pieces of wood)

green house 12th oct 09

Next – off down to GP church to meet  contractor Glenn. We had a good chat about the work in progress and some of the smaller details that can often get missed off of the grand plans. The sunlight in the churchyard was glorious and I was taken with the contrats between sunlit areas and darker, hidden greens.

october 12th - sunlight in churchyard early morning

Nextback to Little Paxton and a peep at the repair work going on in the churchyard there – the old wall is being repaired and repointed.

wall repairs - oct 12th 09

Back at the ranch, I dived into a bit of adminwhich had been lurking on my desk for too long. I’m hoping that now it is common knowledge that HRH The Queen is coming to Ely on November 19th as part of the Ely 900 celebrations and each parish can choose ( by some means orother) two people to represent it at the cathedral – plus their faithful ” serving” clergy. Im sure some PCCs will be having deliberations over how to choose the two lucky lay folk.

This afternoon I was back up at GP doing some visiting and then my daily visit to mum in her nursing home. She was quite confused today, but  I think she had  been having vivid dreams and gettting reality muddled up with fact.

Time never seems to slow down – though I read somewhere that time is infact an illusion

sun dial

The ancient sundial on Great Paxton Church.

Now the wedding couple who were coming to see me tonight have postponed until they can fix up the reception venue so I think I shall change into something fleecy and watch the new ” LIfe”  Programme on BBC 1 – looks like another David Attenborough masterpiece.


I have latterly been asked to dress up as Queen Victoria at the LP village fayre in November. Plenty to think about, then, if I cant sleep tonight!

Queen Vic young or…..Queen Vic

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