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Hot air

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Hot air balloon over Little Paxton c 4pm.

Isnt it amazing how we are all different? For c £100 or so you can buy a hot air balloon ride ( or maybe someone will buy you a ride for a present) and go very high up in the sky and look down on the world. Some people would truly love to do that. I’m afraid I wouldnt do that even if somone paid me  a million pounds. Cant do heights you see.

You might like to know this:

Hot air balloons are based on a very basic scientific principle: warmer air rises in cooler air. Essentially, hot air is lighter than cool air, because it has less mass per unit of volume. A cubic foot of air weighs roughly 28 grams (about an ounce). If you heat that air by 100 degrees F, it weighs about 7 grams less. Therefore, each cubic foot of air contained in a hot air balloon can lift about 7 grams. That’s not much, and this is why hot air balloons are so huge — to lift 1,000 pounds, you need about 65,000 cubic feet of hot air.

To keep the balloon rising, you need a way to reheat the air. Hot air balloons do this with a burner positioned under an open balloon envelope. As the air in the balloon cools, the pilot can reheat it by firing the burner.

I see – thats why, when I was watching the balloon this afternoon, from time to time I could see the bottom bit lighting up – the burner is being fired up. Sounds dodgy to me!hot-air-balloon-2

Still it was very intriguing to watch it overhead – I wonder who was looking down on us all on a very still autmnal afternoon in East Anglia?

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  1. Yes I saw it whilst I was sitting at my desk.

    Comment by Peter Hagger | October 27, 2009 | Reply

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