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What you can see from a nursing home window

Well, it was  a wet and somewhat dreary day in St Neots. Thankfully my mother was less restless this afternoon after a very uncomfortable few days and was very sleepy. She finds it hard to talk now but today it seemed too much of an effort so I didnt try to make her say anything.

So, I stood and looked out of the window of this 16th century  house now nursing home and surveyed the drivers queuing outside trying to get into the town. As part of the A1 is blocked due to road works on Saturdays near to St Neots,  major  jams are building up in the town at week-ends. I guess the drivers didnt know I was spying on them…


And I  saw a goodly number of drivers talking on their mobile phones …. naughty naughty. I saw two reading a newspaper. So hands up, who can say they have never done anything illegal whilst driving? Accidents can be caused by using phones and doing other silly things whilst at the wheel – it is a criminal offence to use a phone whilst driving but I often see it happening. Maybe police ought to stand up in my mum’s room and take a peep at the drivers passing through St Neots – photograph their number plates and fine them.


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