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As the week closes…. royalty and flooding

Well, it was  week of royal themed things in my radar at least. The folk who went from our Benefice to see HRH The Queen and Prince Philip were very pleased they made the journey to Ely for the short service at the cathedral on Thursday last.

( photo from Bishop David’s blog)

Here is the Queen meeting our bishops and archdeacons as she arrives at the cathedral.

One thing I realised pretending to be Queen Victoria is just how much hard work it is talking to a lot of people dressed as a queen. Quite how HRH does it I dont know – daily attending functions and events at which she has to be in a queen-like mode. I truly think she and Prince Philip are amazing people – and not forgetting that they are well into their eighties.

Victoria victorious after meeting the genteel folk of Little Paxton.

Well, it was the only outfit that would fit from the fancy dress hire place. So, we must assume that Victoria has not yet been widowed( she always wore black post 1841)  and must have left Albert behind for the day.

Thats more like it!

Today has been ” Christ The King” Sunday – which brings to a close these royal themes in my mind.

Ive been watching on the various news programmes the dreadful scenes of devastation in Cumbria caused by the flooding – not least the danger of more bridges giving way  cutting these cumbria communities off from one another. So many people have had to evacuate their homes and so much damage done.  I really do feel sorry for these families and it makes me feel even more grateful to be safe and snug  tonight. We do have flooding in this part of the world being near to the Great River Ouse  and sometimes the road between Little Paxton and St Neots gets cuts off with plenty of  grumbling  that goes on because of it. But its nothing compared to what the folk of Cumbria have to put up with.  Is it all due to global warming???

PS – to answer my question – a comment from the daily telegraph online:

Meanwhile David Balmforth, a flooding expert at the Institution of Civil Engineers, said deluges on a similar scale will become more frequent as a result of climate change.

He said: “Climate change means that is only going to get worse. We cannot hope to defend ourselves from flooding on this scale.

“Instead we need to make our communities much more resilient to flooding and this must be placed at the heart of the way we plan, design and build our towns and villages.”

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