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The Tale of the Stubborn Tree.

The Stubborn Tree

The  Woods family had a large garden. And in one corner they grew little fir trees.

So every Christmas Eve, instead of buying a Christmas Tree, Grandad  Woods  used to go out into the garden and pull up one of the trees. We would promptly carry it into the house, and plant it into a bucket of earth. Then the four Woods children would decorate it with tinsel and lights.

One Christmas Eve it was snowing very hard. Grandad put on a red scarf and a little bobble hat and a think red coat and trudged out into the snow. The children sat in the window to watch.

Grandad  knew which tree he wanted. He brushed snow off the branches and began to pull.  He pulled and he pulled and he pulled – but it would not come. He pushed it forward and back, hoping to loosen the roots, but still it would not come.

He felt a little bit silly, knowing that the children were watching him – and probably laughing at him. But he had to trudge back to the house and ask the oldest child called Matthew to help him.

Matthew was 12 – and Grandad was sure that between then they could pull up the tree. So Matthew put on his hat , and trudged through the snow with Grandad. He stood behind him with his arms round him tummy and together they pulled and they pulled and they pulled….but the tree would not budge.

Now they felt silly – Matthew trudged back and fetched Mark who was 9. Mark put on his hat  put his arms round Matthew’s tummy and  they pulled and they pulled and they pulled- but the tree would not  budge.

Now they felt very stupid. Mark trudged back and fetched Luke – aged 6. Luke put on his hat and put  his arms round Mark and they pulled and they pulled and they pulled. But still the tree would not  budge.

They began to think they wouldn’t have a  Christmas Tree this year – only Jane was left back in the house and she was only 3. They did not think she would be much use. But Luke trudged back to get her.

Jane felt a bit frightened as she put on her coat and scarf – she did not think she could make any difference and she was worried her big brothers might make fun of her.

They formed a line – Grandad in front holding the tree. Then came Matthew, holding Grandad. Then came Mark holding Matthew, then came Luke holding Mark. And finally little Jane holding Luke.

One, two three – HEAVE! Shouted Grandad – and they pulled and they pulled and they pulled!.

Suddenly they could hear the root snap and the tree lifted out of the ground. As it came, they all fell backwards into the snow laughing with pleasure.

When they had  carried the tree back to the house and taken off their coats, Grandad gave Jane a big hug.

“Well”,  he said, “ I think we have all learned t something about Christmas this year. The smallest child makes the greatest difference. And just as little Jane caused the stubborn tree to move, so the little child Jesus can move the most stubborn, sad or lonely  hearts at Christmas time”

We pray: Heavenly Father, we thank you for the love and peace and hope which Jesus brings into our lives. Help each of us to welcome him into our lives afresh this Christmastime. Amen

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