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Just getting the one horse sleigh up and running…

The question is, just how snowed in will this part of East Anglia be in the morning. Poking my head out briefly into the cold air, I see the car is covered and about half an inch of the white stuff has settled on the roads. Maybe schools will be closed for the last day of term?

Im a bit ambivalent about snow – it can look pretty but it does disrupt the day to day stuff of life – but maybe thats a good thing. I was looking forward to my daughter Adele coming over tomorrow from the Midlands byt maybe she wont now… have to see. My mum was very sleepy and tired this aternoon in her care home – she looked so frail and couldnt really say much. The last few months have been a long old journey for her – well, the last  5 years really.

I sat with her for a bit whilst a CD of  carols played over the sound system into the corridor outside –  and I thought of Christmasses when I was young and we’d have that long anticipated Christmas Day lunch with my Nan and Grandad who lived next door to us.

Its time for bed now and we shall see what tomorrow brings….

maybe an invasion worse than anything ever seen on Dr Who…..


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