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Well, thats 22 carol services/carol sing-ins/services/ Christmas Churchy events this month so far for Paxtonvic and now its time for a pause…. I kept thinking that Christmas Eve was this week till I realised it isnt… theres a bit of a pause in this part of Christendom, though Im sure many parishes will be having carol services etc this sunday. Its been great to enjoy the various carol singing events at both Little and Great Paxton Schools as well as their pre-school groups. The uniformed groups have been on form in the Paxtons as well and have been singing out with much enthusiasm.

Now its time to apply a bit of thought to family type stuff and start the Christmas card writing too.. and that perennial question, should I do one of those round robins to slip into a card boasting of how many toilets Ive put into churches this year or just a hand written message??  I shall go and visit my mum and ponder that question anew. Its tried to snow here and indeed weve had some sleety stuff, but nothing major. Shant get the sleigh out yet….

Thanks to Nick for this saucy little find…

Incase you cant read the text, it says:

“His warm affection for his mother was evident to all”….

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