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A couple of weeks ago, I had some blood tests done. they are all fine – even my cholesterol level is down – maybe the Benecol ( not getting paid to say that!) or maybe a few less chocolates. I am well and truly memopausal ( knew that anyway) but am very grtaeful that, as far as I know, Im quite well.  So at this time of year, I am very mindul of the people I know who arent well, are living with everyday illness and dont know what the future holds. People who are ill-  and their relatives – often say that when illnes strikes, they dont know how they got through it. The human spirit seems to have remarkable resiliance and the bravery of people I meet often astounds me. Some years ago I was diagnosed with what seemed a life threatening condition and at the time I went into overdrive – carrying on with taking services and indeed starting up a new project in one of my churches. Thankfully the diagnosis was all wrong and the alarm need not have been raised – although i was left wondering how such a mistake had been made.  The truth is that medicine is not a precise science and mistakes can be made.

It did make me grateful for each day – and that somehow when disaster strikes, we do carry on. I think when I say to someone ” I know how you feel – a bit”  I do mean it – though we can never really know what someone is going through. To anyone reading this who is living with illness – you have my complete respect and admiration – and I pray that Christmas may bring much love and kindness into your days.


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