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True Grit

Im a moany old girl in the snow – I dont like it and like icy roads even less – especially  since I  slid down a road in my car somewhere near Ketting four years ago one Christmas. Not being in control is a funny feeling and one that I wouldnt like to repeat.

I wonder whether clergy like to feel in control of what goes on in their parishes? Once upon a time, and maybe not that long ago, what the vicar said largely went. Now we have a very democratic way of doing things – indeed with the advent of PCC’s

Pause…for a bit about PCC’s you may not know:
( PCC means parochial church council – not to be confused with parish councils)

* PCCs were set up in 1919 as a successor to the vestries,[1] which had had their civil functions removed in 1894 with the establishment of civil parishes). It has the responsibility of co-operating with the incumbent (rector, vicar or priest) or priest in charge in promoting the mission of the Church in its parish.

Like many folk, I seem to have been on a PCC for most of my adult life  (well, since I was 26 which is pushing 30 years) and they have been eveything from funny, witty and congenial to plain unpleasant.

But I rather like them and as long as people feel they all have a say in what is going on and what is being decided they are a very good forum for growth. Making sure everyone has some air space can be more of a challenge for the chairperson. I dare say I could improve my skills there.

Quite how I got from gritters to PCC’s Im not sure – but true grit had something to do with it! Hoping none of my PCCs will swerve out of control this year!


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