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sunday evening

Just enjoyed the 4th episode of Lark Rise to Candleford ( Series 3) on BBC TV – just love the simple stories and beautiful location. Been reading about the author Flora Thompson on whose trilogy of books the BBC tv  adaptation is based (Lark Rise in 1939, Over to Candleford in 1941 and Candleford Green in 1943)

Flora was also a poet and here is one of her poems:

GARDEN FIRES – Flora Thompson

A drift of wood and weed-smoke
Floats o’er the garden spaces,
Circling the orchard tree-tops;
They’re burning up the traces
Of Winter from the earth,
Now Spring has birth.

Soft showers of snowy petals
Bestrew the bright, lush green;
Blue smokewreaths wheel and thicken
As warm winds stir between,
And living tongues of flame
Put daffodils to shame.

And men shall make such fires,
And warm Spring winds blow free,
When all the great desires
Which rend the heart of me
Shall dwindle into dust,
For Time is just!

I wish so much that warm spring winds would blow free into the lives of those I know who are very sad and troubled at this time.

Flower Meadow, Trinity College Cambridge by Michael Fordham Spring 2009.

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