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Moving rooms

The thing is, when i first came to Little Paxton Vicarage, the study was in the converted part of the original garage. It was a good size, but somehow there didnt seem to be enough room. Now I shouldnt really  say that because some clergy I know have a very small study and dont have any chance of a make-over.  18 months ago, the Diocesan Parsonages Board were most gracious in extending the downstairs accommodation in the vicarage, including making the study even bigger. Those heady days of living upstairs for 4 months seem a long time ago now but the kindness of parishioners who bought me meals round when there was no electricity downstairs will remain for ever.Shame that had to finish really…..

So, for the last 18 months Ive been in the extended study and have spent most of my working hours ( working vicarage hours) in there. The carpet that was put down is rather grey. I asked for a lighter colour and choose one from an internet site – but the real thing proved to be darker than I thought. Never mind, I thought, It wont show the dirt. But with the low ceiling and the dark carpet and a littlish window over the months I have got a bit fed up in there – not least in the winter months. So, having got back from church today I decided to go for it. I have moved my computer and essential  office stuff into the new front room which is full of light and has a lovely view of the front garden. Ive also got a nice comfy chair in the front room I can sink into after a hard hour sorting some admin!

Incase you might think – what a waste of a big study – I would say that I have cleaned it out and made it a most presentable room where I can see parishioners without all the computer clobber bearing down on us.  There is also a large amount of paperwork all neatly housed in there, including Deanery material and local history files – so the study has an  archivical aspect. ( Doubt if Ive spelt that right!)

Which all goes to show that the environment we  live and work in is very important. Im very mindful of people across the world who live in terrible conditions and have no choice about how and where they live. I know I am very lucky to be where I am and – even when I remember that this isnt my permanent home . Its only on loan to me whislt I am Vicar here – and one day I will have to move on. Guess thats  a bit like  life really – we wont always be here – but whislt we are, what a privilege it is to care for our world and the people we spend our days with.

The New HQ … good job teddy bear is keeping an eye on things.

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