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Nearly New Sale

Next Saturday is the day….. Little Paxton Church’s first fund raising event for the Church For Tomorrow Project ( CHUFT)

We are holding a nearly new sale in Little Paxton School from 10.30 onwards with yummy cakes and refreshments. In the old days, they used to be called Jumble Sales – I loved them – but they seem to have gone a bit more  up market now…..

It would be great to make  £100,000 next Saturday, but I dont expect we will – a few hundred would be good.

Anyone living locally who has some unwanted items on their households, they would be very gratefully received at school on the morning.

My job will be to count the money…

No, thats monopoly money, silly!

Off to have a nice supper – need all my energy for ” Lark Rise ” tonight – looks like it could be a bit sad. There was me thinking the sky was always blue and the sun shone on that little community..

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  1. We sorted through our books at the weekend for the Nearly New Sale – apparently there is a tradition in Benedictine Monasteries that in the days before Lent, the monks give away everything they haven’t used for the last 12 months – we weren’t quite that ruthless with the books but I did get a shock at the number of books I’d bought but never got round to reading. Maybe I’ll buy some of them back on Saturday!

    Comment by Nick | February 1, 2010 | Reply

  2. Oh: really your Revrence, I was not aware that we had the pleasure of your visitations in the Post Office.
    Candleford is particularly honoured that it should have mention on your most convivial ‘blog’, as I think you refer to it.
    The fever, as I’m sure your’e keen to avail your concern, is abating here. But alas our brethren at Lark Pies are still sorely afflicted. Still, time and tide takes it’s course and who are we to doubt the eternal mercy of a forgiving God. All will be well.
    As to your own ministrations, do the good people of Little Paxton ail or are they God fearing and diligent in their sojurn of this earthly toil?
    News is fast reaching us from Oxford that a contraption allowing for the hearing of the human voice within the bounds of the human ear is soon to be common. We will of course not permit ourselves to become acquainted with such a devious device and contine to rely on our telegram machine which has stood us in such good stead for so many years.
    The sale of ‘jumble’ as you call it is still a regular event in these parts, though we prefer to refer to it as Rummage.
    With every good wish.
    Dorcas Lane. (Miss)

    Comment by Wingy | February 2, 2010 | Reply

    • Honoured indeed!
      I knew that this blog only reached the most respected and genteel of persons in this land, and I feel now that inhabitants of CAndleford have read it – and commented – I can truly feel ” I have arrived” in literary circles.

      I must admit, however, that my true ancestral bonds would be more in Lark Rise than Candleford. My dear ancestors who were ” ag labs” around Bletchingdon ( not too far from the real Lark Rise at Juniper Hill) would have responded with much familiarity to the songs of the Mower King – and no doubt might have been afflicted too by the measles. It was heartening to see the good folk of Candleford joining in with the efforts of the poor though – and at heart we are of course all one in this sojourn thorugh life.

      May I recommend that Miss Lane and her staff try out ” blogging” instead of the ancient telegram method? Im not sure how Thomas might feel – poor man may think it a work of the Devil – but just think how much fun they might have blogging away under the summer sun!

      And fianlly, if there should ever be a need for an extra on the show – I would be delighted to dress up as a yokel…. I understand that series 4 is being filmed in spring and summer this year?

      Comment by paxtonvic | February 2, 2010 | Reply

  3. My Dear Vicar

    We shall indeed endeavour in this blogging of yours. Thomas, being the man he is and as you know ever one to proslatise the Word of our good Lord need not trouble himself with the works of Satan, not with myself and his good lady Margaret to keep him on the right path.
    I find your blog as you call it, quite a pleasant diversion and somewhere always appreciated by myself to browse a few minutes from the frantic schedule of the Post Office.
    I will make known your sentiments to the good folk of Lark Pies. As for this series 4 you refer, I’m afraid I have no knowlege of it, however, our good Vicar as a yokel, I think not. That simply would not do, it wouldn’t do at all.

    Comment by Wingy | February 2, 2010 | Reply

  4. Oh my dear Vicar.

    It appears ‘blogging’ is fast becoming my weakness! However, it is my only one you know!
    As for the Miss Pratts, they are in a state of expedient financial embarasment and I fear I may not trouble them at such a juncture with regard to their charity in the case of their unwanted cast off’s. Perhaps another time should your requirement not abate.
    Sidney continues to strengthen by the hour and is a constant source of delight for me.
    Oh! that sounds like Thomas with a package.


    Comment by Wingy | February 2, 2010 | Reply

  5. Vicar, I so enjoy reading your blog. It makes me feel as though I am right there in your little English town. England is my favorite place in the world to visit. I haven’t been in several years because I have MS and, unfortunately, traveling has become challenging.

    That is why I am so grateful that you share this little bit of England and I can have a virtual visit.

    Your observations and prayers are wonderful as well.

    Thank you. 🙂

    Comment by Marie | February 4, 2010 | Reply

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