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A Host of Dancing Things

I have been looking through some old copies of parish mags from previous parishes I have lived  and worked in, and I came caross this prayer/poem. With its combination of praise of the glories of the natural world ( and surely spring must be on the way!) and its realism about grief and suffering in the world, it just hits the mark for me right now. Sorry I dont knowwho wrote it.

A Host of Dancing Things.

Lord God, we bless you whose spirit begets a host of dancing things-

Of insects in the sun

Of children at play

Of the eyes of lovers in their meeting

Of waterfalls and wind-relishing trees

Of  the ballet on stage and on the football field.

We bless you for your delight in your world

And for all living things which inhabit it.

Teaches us to delight in it too

And to join the dancing in heaven

Which draws the earth

Into a rhapsody of response

Producing a share of joy

Which presages the Kingdom.

We bless you who meet us, affirm and renew us

At every point of life, in pain as in pleasure.

You have called us by name, and made us your own

So that passing through the waters of grief and suffering

We find you at our side,

No distant God, but one who is afflicted in our affliction,

Whose presence with us saves us.

We bless you, our God, who never leaves us nor forsakes us.

We lift up the praise of the whole creation to you,

Who are shown, in the life of Jesus Christ,

To be sharer of our joys, a very present help in trouble.

Blessing and honour and glory and power

Be ascribed to you, their source, for ever and ever.


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