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Off to work again

I was wondering how I would manage if I lived 150 years ago with my Oxfordshire ancestors? Ive no idea what I would have  been doing all day long – probably sweeping floors and doing the washing in a  river. I guess its just chance when and where we are born.

St Giles Church at Bletchingdon.

Some of my ancestors on my father’s maternal  side came from Bletchingdon in Oxfordshire ( Taylors)  I have always had a strong fascination for these old villages and way of life – though I know in reality life was very tough and often far from idyllic.

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  1. The past does appear very romantic, doesn’t it? All gorgeous clothes and Merchant and Ivory.

    My grandmother grew up in a thatched cottage in rural Ireland (she was born in 1905). She is the one who disabused me of any notion of a romantic past. No antibiotics, no Hoovers, in her case no indoor plumbing or electricity. And Living Things fell out of the thatch into the loft were she and her eight siblings slept.

    It is so wonderful that we still have treasures like your church to marvel over. But otherwise, I’ll stick to the movies. 🙂

    Comment by Marie | February 21, 2010 | Reply

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