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Just tobe fair, Ive been trying to find 10 facts out about the other two priministerail contenders – and Im a bit stuck….

Here is the best I can do from CBBC’s newsround in 2007!

Gordon Brown

  • His real name is James Gordon Brown
  • He was born in Glasgow
  • His dad was a Church of Scotland minister
  • He was super clever at school and went to uni when he was 16
  • He’s married to Sarah. They have two young sons – John and Fraser
    Gordon and his family

    Gordon and his family

  • Before he went into politics, he was a lecturer and worked in television
  • He became an MP in 1983
  • He supports Raith Rovers footie club
  • He was quoted as being an Arctic Monkeys fan
  • He has two brothers – John and Andrew
  • He used to be good at rugby and tennis
  • He’s wanted to be PM for a long time, but reportedly stepped aside to let Tony Blair go for the job, way back in 1994

So there you have it from a children’s TV point of view ….

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  1. What a lovely Gordon smile in both pictures- I think the going to uni at 16 is very telling in terms of what we glimpse of his perosnality since. I have to confess to a soft spot for Gordon, even though Nick Clegg went to the same college as me at more or less the same time.

    Comment by Cheryl Collins | April 27, 2010 | Reply

  2. I agree Ms Collins – I have a soft spot for Gordon too….

    Comment by paxtonvic | April 27, 2010 | Reply

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