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Out and about in Wisbech

Last Friday I had occasion to go to Wisbech and I came back feeling rather dejected.Any visitor to Wisbech at the moment cant avoid seeing the result of fire damage. On March 31st Constantine House  on Nene Quay was badly damaged by fire and then last week fire severely damaged the Phoenix Hotel on North Brink.

Constantine House

The Pheonix Hotel

Any visitor to the town cant help feeling very sorry for the damage that has been and how both damaged buildings give a sad impression of what is in many ways a pretty town with the river runing through it. It doesnt help that the new flood defense system is also being built on one side of the river causing more disruption to the town. The folk who I had gone to see had their own views about how the fires started… but who  knows? Lets hope that repair work can start before too long..

Driving home I passed thorugh Westry village – and there is another sad story – St Marys Church suffered  devastating damage in a fire before Easter. I stopped and took some pcitures of the church with cherry blossom lapping round in the background – new life stretching out against the backdrop of the unrelenting effects of smoke and flame.

Here is a little  praying angel near to the damaged church

Lets hope the people of Westry church can soon find a way forward for their building. I came across  an article that mentions the facebook page for the church and how in one of the photgraphs taken at the time of the fire some think they can see  aface in the smoke.

check it out – I cant see a face myself!

My journey to Wisbech reminded me of how fragile the physical things are that we take for granted – and maybe every time we enjoy our parish church from inside or outside we should be grateful it is in one piece. Also good to remind ourselves of the importance of 100%  buildings insurance.

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