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One way to raise church funds…

………….is  by doing an all night ” sleep-over”.

This is the third Ive done now in different churches and I quite like it.

This time it was in Little Paxton Church last Friday night and with the help of those inflatbale mattresses and two thick duvets the night passed quite quickly. There was a bit of snoring ( not from me of course) but with some headphones and Pergolesi’s ” Stabat Mater” on repeat – those rythmic sounds passed me by. The best bit was waking very early in the morning and seeing the dawn light come flooding through the east window and lighting up the stained glass of  Jesus’ crucifixion. You have to be in there to see it at that time – but that early light especially  lights up the yellow tinged glass  high up in the window  symbolising the resurrection.

Here are the intrepid sleepers:

Jenny, Pauline, Sheila and myself

And our fifth mad sleep-over guest Barbara with teddy.

We hope we raised c  £1,000 from sponsorship and are very grateful to everyone who supported us!

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