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Here’s a bit of luxury for the beginning of my time off.  Some time to blog and watching a World Cup Match at the same time – Ive manged to bring a little TV into my study so I can keep half an eye on Spain v Paraguay in the 1/4 finals.  I decided to follow Ghana after England were convincingly removed by Germany so I was very sad to see the Ghanians go out  when they were on the brink of winning.

Our village of Little Paxton sported many many patriotic flags up until  Englands last 16 tie with Germany – but surprise surprise many of them suddenly disappeared after the 4 – 1 defeat last Sunday afternoon. One house quickly swopped a mass of white and red flags for an Arsenal one – high aloft and blowing  in the wind.

We had a lovely service of thanksgiving for my mum on June 25th in Little Paxton Church followed by a tasty light buffet in the vicarage garden .It was one of those rare times when all of my immedaite family were together.

Notice the two grand old ladies in the front who are now orphans!

It was lovely to see three cousins all together enjoying looking at old photos of mum:

Adele, Mike and Simon

And Mummy Mildred’s two girls looking as young as ever…..

Finally, one guest that wasn’t invited…..

Ewe get everywhere…

Meanwhile, on June 26th Bishop David came to our St Neots Deanery for a visit  to some of our parishes. One of  fastest growing areas in our Deanery is Love’s Farm in St Neots parish where new housing is rapidly forming a new community. Bishop David took a walk around the Love’s Farm  area with members of the residents association before meeting with reps from our parishes at the new St Neots football club suites. It was fun to see the new football ground and imagine what I might do if I quit managing a Benefice:

Reckon I could do better than Fabio??

Bishop David inspiring us to think creatively about our church buildings – and many other aspects of Christian  ministry.

After opening  Offord Church  Fete, Bishop David visited the model  railway display in Pauline and David’s  Little Paxton garden.

All steam ahead!

I’m still watching Paraguay v Spain – its a bit dull – and no where as exciting as life in the Benefice of Paxton with Diddington.

How about this for action from the recent cricket match at Diddington…. The Vicar’s XI v Mr Thornhill’s XI….

Captain Annette

Captain Edmund making sure he doesnt get thirsty

People having fun

Out – no arguing!

Still no score in this World Cup Match – but I shall keep watching to the end – maybe  a penalty shoot-out?

Here’s a little verse to finsh with that was on one of the cards I received after Mum died. I rather like the sentiments which come with some subtle pictures of elephants:

” We are all creatures of this great earth-

interconnected in ways beyond understanding

Take elephants.

So big

So strong

And yet

when a member

of the herd passes

even elephants mourn.

they gather round

extend their trunks

and gently touch

the tusks

of their fallen friend.

Its their ritual

Its how they heal

And its sad

And its beautiful.

So maybe

what we’re trying to say

is that the world

doesnt expect you

to be fine with this.l

Be how you need to be.

Mourn how you need to mourn.

And know that

you’re thought of

with love.

Life goes on when a loved one pases away – with crazy things and ordinary things – and Spain beating Paraguay to go thorugh to the semi-finals.

Have a nice week-end.

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