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Where has paxtonvic been?

Ive been sent to Coventry…

It must be some time since I had the pleasure of blogging – because when I came to do so now I couldnt remember how to do it!

Cant believe its September and the season of fruitful mellowness will soon be upon us.

I took the opportunityt last week to spend some time with my daughter and her friends as they moved into a two up two down terrace in Coventry, ready for university days. There was something very satisfying about helping them put a house together, although rightly there were tasks which I wasnt allowed to touch. I stuck to clearing away mess in the garden and paying for things which needed repairing or servicing- and which were wating at Ikea to be purchased. I could blog quite happily about the ” Ikea process” on a busy Saturday in Coventry, but wont on this occasion. I even hired a van to transport their stuff from A to B and felt quite important sat high up in a transit trying to get used to no rear view mirror.

Here is Adele and her new eucalyptus tree.

sunshine and washing

I would love to go and potter somem ore in the garden but needs must – Im back here now as the new term begins and the season of meetings kicks off again. To be honest, Ive quite missed not having a PCC for four weeks.

Meanwhile. last Sunday at Great Paxton we were honoured to have a visit from Rev Antony Feltham-White – Chapain in Afghanistan at home on leave.

He spoke to us about his life, call to ministry and work in that troubled country and I think its true to say we were spell bound throughout.

Revd Antony and members of the congregation at Holy Trinity Church, Great Paxton.

Yesterday at last we heard who the next Bishop of Ely would be – Rt Revd Stephen Conway, presently area Bishop of  Ramsbury in the Diocese of Salisbury. There are lots of articles already about him on the web – here is one link:

Im delighted with the appointment – it does seem that being very tall is a prerequisite for being a bishop of Ely at the moment, but seriously , I think Bishop Stephen will be able to build upon all great work taking place in the Diocese. I like his churchmanship  and outlook from what I have read   and look forward one day to maybe inviting him to our humble Benefice.

Off now to do a 10.00am Holy Communion…

Have a nice day everyone.

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