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Bats at the cutting edge of mission-or mission shaped bats

Well, all these years I have been thinking up new ways of encouraging people to church – I should have known the best way to do mission – invite them to a bat night.

We held one at Great Paxton Church last night – and what a super turn out. 40 or so people of all ages from babes to older folk came to catch a glimpse of these charming little fellas who inhabit Holy Trinity and love to poo on the chancel floor.

Antony Mould is a local bat expert and gave up his evening to come and tell us all about their habits, their life style and actually see a pet bat close up (sorry,  Pan the long eared bat is an educational tool, not a pet) . Pan has an injury which makes it impossible for him to fly and so Antony keeps him safe in a box in luxury. That meant we could see him at close quarters.

Antony arrives with his bat box

Behold a lond-eared bat!

Long-eared bat’s wing

Ah, sweet little chap. You can forgive them making a bit of a mess in church when you see them close up…

Try clicking on the picture – you get a bigger version and it looks quite atmospheric. Imagine how many people have walked  up this path towards the church over the last 1000 years!

Unfortunately, we didnt get to see any pipistrelles or long-eared bats flying around inside the church even though we sat in the pews  in the dark for some time.

But Antony gave us a most entertaining evening and I think  the little ones enjoyed seeing Pan at close quarters.

If you have a problem with bats – why not turn their habits into a talking point and invite folk to learn about them and enjoy the church building as well…

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