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Fly By Night

All I can say is – this tiny speck of God’s creation has been pushing its luck all night by sitting on my computer screen.

It seems to like sitting on ” print” – and I havent had the heart to swat it.

Today, I have:

* Had a new crown fitted ( in my mouth, silly)

* talked to c30 people one way or another ( no services involved)

*put together a local history exhibition for Great Paxton Church on Saturday. ( We did a special module on putting up local history exhibitions at theological college??)

* Bought a new phone with two handsets that actually work

*Sold another 6 Little Paxton tea-towels ( only c 15 left)

* Walked all the way to put some money through treasurers door

* Done some Good Samaritan jobs

* Went to a shop that was once Lidls or some such and wondered why it was so good all of  a sudden and then found it was now a co-op shop.

* Had some vegetable soup

* designed the family service for GP on Sunday

* went to see my son and girlie in St Neots

*Bought some new earphones for when I cant sleep

*Did two loads of washing and had all the window locks replaced as they didnt have keys and after some localo burglaries the Diocese are kindly keeping me safe.

*Played my Will Young CD ( again)

*Wondered how Stephen Hawkings can have the cheek to declare God doesnt exist when Im so busy! I expect he doesnt believe in the God who is an old man in the sky etc etc or the one that he thinks the church talks about. But then I havent read his latest stuff  so I cant really comment.

* Had a charming e-mail from a young man in Netherlands who is writing a book on churches in that country who addressed me as

” Dear Madam Rev. Annette Reed” .

I quite like that…

* Now its time for bed.

( PS the fly has  moved to another position – It survives another day)

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