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The pope’s visit

I shant presume to write much about the Pope’s visit to England as far more eloquent people than me have written millions of words about it these last few days.

But I have been profoundly moved – far more than I thought I would be- by seeing The Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury entering Westminster Abbey together this evening  -along with representatives from other denominations. The first time a pope has ever been into Westminster Abbey. Think what a giant leap forward that symbolic act represents when during the time of Elizabeth 1st being a Roman Catholic was a very dangerous thing and priests often  had to hide in priest holes when in England when they were being persued by the state. Here was a modern day pope praying together with our Archbishop. Maybe there is hope that one day we shall become one in Christ.

There are just a few obstacles to be overcome on the way, though…..

I do feel very sad that this dear man ( least he seems rather dear to me) wouldnt accept my priests orders ( or those of my male colleagues) and when watching the various liturgical acts such as the mass in Scotland yesterday the main ” players” were all men ( apart from women who sung and read).

I wonder if that will ever change?

From the Telegraph online reporting of the visit: some bulletins from today.

16.15: A very warm welcome from Dr Williams. The pair kissed and hugged and held hands for several seconds.

16.55: Jonathan Wynne-Jones again: “Gordon brown seems unusually relaxed talking with Cherie. Almost friendly. maybe miracles can happen.”

16:38 Much appreciation on the web for the headline in the Scottish Sun today: Our Father in tartan heaven.

14.34: Father Lombardi has just posted a blog about the visit and how the Pope manages “serenity in difficult situations”.

“Serenity, that itself becomes a message and example for believers. The secret is, in fact, faith in Jesus Christ. Benedict XVI proposes it with intelligence, confidence and joy, knowing and respecting the questions and difficulties of his interlocutors.

“He knows that today, an encounter with God and the Christian faith is not easy and or to be taken for granted; we need a friendly hand and voice that clearly propose and lovingly accompany humanity in its rediscovery of the beauty and value of the Christian faith.”

And finally – from the Westminster Diocese RC twitter page:

catholicherald The choir of Westminster Abbey singing beautifully. That is one bit of Anglican Patrimony we could really do with.

Yes, we do do these things rather well… just an edge on Susan Boyle, bless her!

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