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New week, new beginnings

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope who ever stumbles across paxtonvic blog has a good day and and even better week.

Im mindful today that along with thousands of other young people, my daughter is starting her uni course today in Coventry. I well remember being dropped off at Surrey University in Guildford by my parents in 1972 and watching them leave the hall of residence from the window of the little box room I found myself in. I felt rather bereft and scared – but not for long. Theres this thing called freshers week and I remember getting involved with the folk club with my guitar and made some freinds through that very quickly.

Im glad that  Delly as she has a nice house to live in in Covntry with two friends which is near to the university . So,  good luck to  all the young people begining a new term. The only thing thats left to sort still is Student Finance Direct – my daughter  still doesnt know what grant she may be getting – thats after starting the application process in February.

Im off this morning to visit a local senior school  and then I really want to get the reports done on the church inspections I did in May….. and tonight its school governor time at our local primary. So many of the young people I know work hard, are polite and caring – the small minority who arent probably havent had much of a start in life and need all our help and support. Think Im too soft? When I hear what some children have to live with its not surprising they head down th road of anti-social behaviour.

For pure indulgence I like to settle down infront of the TV and watch a period drama – so last nights ” Downton  Abbey”  pleased me.  Im still missing “Lark Rise to Candleford” which was my all time favourite in this genre, but the characters in this new drama look promising and the sets are pleasing to the eye.  Its fascinating to see how the servant staff and gentry all mingle and effect eachothers lives in a very subtle way. Which remins me, I mus sort out my four servants and three gardeners before I go out…..

Joking apart, take a look at any 1881/1891 census for a well to do village and you will find that the Vicarage family usually had a bevy of servants in their household. Dont suppose the old vicar chaps from those days did a lot of ironing or washing up. But the big houses and vicarages did provide employment for thousands of young people who went into service.

‘Nuff of me rambling on – off to stoke the boiler ….

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  1. There are times I can’t help wishing the vicarage ( or pioneer ministerage in my case) came with some domestic help, at the very least an old fashioned vicar’s wife ( a rare and often unsung jewel).

    Comment by Cheryl Collins | September 28, 2010 | Reply

    • Yes, indeed an unsung jewel – I think they are a rare species nowadays – but perhaps a good thing?

      Domestic duties for clergy themselves are surely a royal road to sainthood??

      Comment by paxtonvic | September 28, 2010 | Reply

  2. Should have also said I hope Adele has a fantatic time at Uni

    Comment by Cheryl Collins | September 28, 2010 | Reply

  3. Is….. ‘off to stoke the boiler’ some sort of a euphemism Paxy?

    Comment by wingy | September 28, 2010 | Reply

    • yes, I love a bit of boiler stoking – have you ever tried it?

      Good to hear from you – hope all is well in your vineyard… new Vicar coming??

      Comment by paxtonvic | September 28, 2010 | Reply

  4. Hi Paxy.
    Yes, great news after nearly seven years we shall have a pastor again to keep us all in order. Please recall Karen & we all in your prayers,its very exciting, and a great relief that someone wants to come at all. We were begining to think it looked like we would never get anyone at all, great joy indeed!!!
    Glad to learn all is well on the western fringes of known civilisation and its environs.
    We have the DAC here next week to look at a Loo/Kitchen and ‘Upper Room’ project in the Tower. Dread to think what its going to cost but certainly is required, and I can’t help thinking about your wonderful scheme last year at Diddington.
    The vineyard is very good heart at the moment though as with all untended plots many shoots and branches need a thorough pruning.
    I can’t say I’ve had the privilege or otherwise of stoking an old boiler, my gas model keeps me well and truly occupied; if not exhausted.
    Deus est bonus

    Comment by wingy | September 30, 2010 | Reply

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