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Just playing around having watched a fab programme on BBC2 about the history of Kibworth Beauchamp in Leicestershire – on the A6.

The above sherds of pottery are in St Neots museum and were found at Little Paxton where Park Lane is now. Hre is the catalogue ref at the museum:

Cat No: SNEMU : 1995.235.1

Title: Box of 14th Century Sherds

Category: Archaeology

Date: 1300 – 1400

Origin: Park Lane & Little Paxton

Notes: Box of 14th Century sherds from Park Lane, Little Paxton.

Comments: 14th Century sherds, various colours dull rusty pink to mid grey, some with intermittent 1mm white inclusions.

On the TV programme I heard about St Neots pottery ware for the first time – pottery made in the 10th Century in East Anglia which was of a superior quality to previous pottery.

I wonder who used the sherds from the 14th Century above – who touched them and poured liquids into the pot – what was their life like??

We are just small specks in the play of life…..

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Come to Little Paxton on October 2nd!!!

Why not?? Where ever you are – take a train, plane, bus, donkey or bike and come to Little Paxton Church no less.

You can come up the tower and see the old bells which are ripe for rehanging, you can have a wonderful cup of tea, buy one of the last 12 remaining church tea-towels, see a wonderful photo exhibition of nature through the seasons put on by a local man called Graham, and if you stay on till the afternoon hear a live sponsored organ play by Andrew Hickson who will be playing pieces sponsored by local people.

Football match? No excuse! Lie in?  – never when you could be in LP church.

Need to child mind – bring them along too….. just no excuse not to come – and at 12 noon we draw our mega raffle ( still time to buy tickets on the morning!) just think what you could do with £100.00!!

And, its all in aid of our Church For Tomorrow Project to get our bells ringing again.

Come along – you know it makes sense!

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No greater victory….

The sense of victory can sometimes be overwhelming – this time I have truly cracked it. After seven month and two weeks I have an answer from Student Finance Direct – my daughter can have some maintenance grant for her university course. Of course, I now feel very sorry I kept harrassing them and realise that ” they” are real human beings who had to deal with my icy voice when time after time they said different things when asked where my application had got to. I mean, they have to process thousands of applications – how can they get them all right??  And as there is no way you can talk to the same person every time you ring and you have to start your story anew each time – its bound to all be a bit of a challenge. Strange in a way that a youngster goes to uni and ends up ( often) with a loan of c £18,000 or more to pay off. Which makes me feel very lucky that in the dark ages when I was at uni it was all paid for as my parents werent very well off. Im not really very wll off either, but of course there is now the system of loans  for tuition fees and living costs- which mount up if claimed and spent.  The maintenance grant, the one Ive been chasing, is assessed on a sliding scale taking parents income into consideration.  Thats where my victory comes in – SFD have got there now and daughter has some money to live off which isnt a loan. Result! It aint much but its better than nought.

I heard a very good talk today from an archivist who told us all about the importantance  of keeping church records whether they be registers or documents about repairs to the buildings. I wonder. Will our predecessors spend hours in county record offices looking through our old PCC minutes??? What will our churches look like in 100 years time? Will any body remember us? ”  Surely we shall all end up just a name on an incumbents board.

Ah” they may say of me, if they say anything, ” she was the one who put the loo in”. There are worse ways of being remembered…

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