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Food waste

Went on a really good morning workshop on food waste in Huntingdon this morning. It was called Love Food Hate Waste.

I was not pleasaed to find out how much food we waste every year in the UK – household food waste was the topic and we manage to waste c 8 million tonnes of food every year – not least by not buying sensibly and not using left overs in a creative way. We often cook too much – eg rice or pasta and then throw it away.

Some of the ideas for recipes for left overs didnt sound too tasty to me – but I was growing very uncomfortable when I reflected how much food ends up in the green recycling bin. Someone had worked out that if we cut right down on food waste it would be equivalent of one in four cars coming off the road in terms of cutting down on C02 emissions.  Hope I got my facts right there – but too tired to find my notes.

The workshop was run by RECAP ( Recycling in Cambridge and Peterborough) and their web-site has some very good ideas about how we can help the environment. Take a look.


Just been reading how human excrement is now being turned into a gas supply at some plant in Didcot. Im all for it – as long as I dont have to work there!

Householders in Didcot have become the first in the UK to use gas made from their own human waste and supplied via the national grid to heat their homes.

Up to 200 Oxfordshire homes will be using biomethane made from sewage they had flushed away three weeks earlier.

British Gas, Thames Water and Scotia Gas Networks now hope to roll out the process across the UK.

According to an EU directive, by 2020 the UK must ensure 15% of the energy it produces comes from renewable sources.

Before we all pooh pooh it – its worth taking a serious look at…

On that happy note hope you all sleep well!

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