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No rest for the wicked

Not that I think clergy are wicked of course.

I was reading today a letter that I expect many of our clergy have received saying that we now need to work to 68 years to receive our maximum entitlement to our pension. Having been talking to an old school friend who is the same age as me and who hopes to retire at 60 and enjoy some quality retirement time – I was thinking how working  to 68 feels like quite a long stint. I wonder if I will have any energy left for an energetic retirement at 68?

Many folk are still very fit in their late 60’s but I do think that thought needs to be given as to how older clergy can keep going at the pace we are expected to work at until quite late in their sixties. There  is no such thing now as an easy parish – and there arent curates to go round to help us when we slow down.

So, we shall have to pace ourselves and only work 60 hours a week so that we can still go running round our parishes at 68 with some conviction…..

Having said all that, it was quite the norm in past days for old boy clergy to go on till their eighties and die in post. Maybe thats what we should all do!

So, its another 14 Christmas sermons for me at least.



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  1. But often those old boys had a very small village to look after not several as is the norm today.

    You slow down – believe it when I see it.

    Comment by Peter H | October 29, 2010 | Reply

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